2 thoughts on “Arriving Where I Started: Disassembling and Reassembling a Testimony

  1. I just now finished reading your dandy essay in Sunstone, marking it up rather messily with many underlinings and circling of words that lassoed me. I came online seeking an email address to which I could send a few huzzahs–and lo, here’s a whole blogsite! Amid the richness of ideas and expression in your essay, what smacked me hardest was your point that we can communicate with like minds around the globe yet never speak to our neighbors. Zing! The entire essay was thought-provoking and enlightening. Thank you! (And a hug to the wondrous Z. from me.)

    1. Elouise:

      If there’s anything you like, I’m sure I learned it from you. Thanks so much for your comments.


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