Rainbows at Church

This is going to be a shocking admission, but I’m a Democrat. While I disagree with my party and my party’s candidates quite frequently, I still identify with and support Democrats. Back when I worked for Congress, I started collecting campaign buttons from Democratic races. I’ve got all the presidential campaigns from Grover Cleveland (1884)… More Rainbows at Church

The Continuing Importance of Dialogue

My first issue of Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought is online today! It features articles by Fiona Givens, Mel Bashore, and Dennis Potter; poetry by Mark Brown, Warren Hatch, Sarah Page, Jenny Webb, fiction by Stephen Carter; a Mormon-Catholic dialogue featuring Polly Aird, Zina Petersen (!), Dan Dwyer, Mat Schmaltz, and Bob Rees; a wonderful… More The Continuing Importance of Dialogue